The  Studio

We are  here to assist you in mixing, producing, sound designing or prepping  your music or post production project. Tell us us about your project

so we can help you get it done right, and in a timely fashion.

Outboard Gear



Universal Audio 6176 Channel Strip

WARM  WA73 Pre/Eq


Audient ASP 8 Channel Mic Pre


Apogee Rosetta 200 24 Bit  2-Channel Converter

PreSonus  Studio 192 Interface

PreSonus Monitor Central Station




Neumann  - TLM 103 -  Cardiod Condenser

Blue - Spark Cardiod Condenser (2)

Audio Technica  - 4041 - Cardiod


Shure -  SM57 -  Unidirectional Dynamic  (2)


Shure - Beta 52  -  Super Cardiod Dynamic

Sennheiser -  E 901 -   Boundary Condenser

Sennheiser -  E 604  -  Dynamic Cardiod (3)




Yamaha HS80M 

Tascam VL-M3


Edirol MA -10



Faderport 16


M-Audio Axiom 61 Note Keyboard Controller

ATOM Drum Pad Controller



Intel Mac Pro 2.8 Ghz Dual Quad Core

SSD Internal Boot Drives on a Sonnett PCIe Card

(32Gigs of RAM)

(14 Terabytes of Hard Drive Recording & Storage)

DAW Software & Hardware Recorders


Logic Pro X


Pro Tools 

Studio 1

Rob Papen Software Instruments 

Captain Plug Ins


UAD 2 - Duo Core Card

Tascam DA-30



Drum Gear


Yamaha Oak Customs


Sabian Cymbals

Please Note -  All payments by Pay Pal will have Taxes included and a 10% applicable charge applied.We also accept E-Transfer and Certified Checks.

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