Studio Rates & Information


Session Rates

Studio Recording Session 2 hr. Block Rate $130

Studio Recording Session 4 hr. Block Rate $250

Studio Recording Session 6 hr.  Block Rate $300

Studio Recording Session 8 hr. Block Rate $350

Mix Pre Recorded (Stereo Track  Music & Vocals) - $300 per song  (4 hr. mix 1 tweak revision)

Mix Pre Recorded (Multi Tracked Music& Vocals)  - $500 per song  (8hr. mix 2 tweak revisions)

If you require a song writing  or song production session and you have multiple songs please call for a package rate so we can give you the best rate for your project.

How To Pay For Sessions

All session(s) require an initial payment of half of the total amount (hourly rate or package rate) before a session begins. Payments can be made by Certified Check, E-Transfer or Pay Pal.

In the event that a client has to cancel a  studio session the client must give 72 hours notice.  In this case a 50% charge deduction will be applied to the initial payment, non refundable.

Mix Session Details


Please bring the correct audio file format  (.wav or .aiff) for your mix session in 16 or 24 bit, 44.1 or 48 kHz .  No Mp3 formats please. If you are attending the mix session you should be prepared to pay by the end of the day. Unattended sessions require full payment 48 hrs. prior to the release of your final masters.

Paper Work Pertaining to Song Collaboration or Production

(Socan Work Registration Forms, CMRRA Publishing Forms, and a basic Song Collaboration contract and Production contract when needed)

 Let us know what you would like to have done!

Studio Consultation & Tech Services

- Personalized DAW Consultation

- MAC / OS Upgrades (Hardware & Software)

- Hard Drive Media Management

- Server Management

We do Tech Support and DAW lessons all over the GTA for LOGIC & Pro Tools users.  We also offer Software/Hardware  integrated outboard gear assistance to meet the needs of your studio. Our  rates are $50 per hour minimum 3 hours in my studio downtown Toronto or $65 per hour  minimum 3 hours if we come to your studio or home studio setup.


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