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Level 2 Music Productions is located in the heart of downtown Toronto and is committed to providing its clients with world class sound and service.


We specialize in sound for Film, Broadcast TV and Radio, Web, Video Game and Interactive projects.


Services we provide include: Composition, Sound Design, Sound Mixing and Sweetening, Dialogue Replacement (ADR), Music Search and Licensing, Noise Reduction and Audio Restoration, Voice Casting, Audio Recording for Voice Overs (VO), Digital Patch (ISDN), Audio Commentary, Podcasts and Audio Books.


Let us welcome you to the world of audio visualization.  Our innovative sound design can bring your project to a new level with custom sound creation and foley. A massive sound effect server gives us lightning-fast access to the right sound for your project.

Level2 Music Productions (Music Composition, Production & Mixing) on Single in The City - Season 2 - Episode 1 through 13 on ROGERS TV.  Single in the City the Dating Talk show provides the latest and greatest news about everything dating related hosted by Date Coach & Toronto Matchmaker Laura Bilotta from Single in the City dot ca.  This series is designed to present interesting facts, tips and personal stories about today’s dating world. Spring 2016.

Level2 Music Productions (Audio Production - Music Editing - Engineering) on "Sadies Last Day On Earth" Canadian Release on Dec. 09, 2016. BrancSeater Productions. IMDB Link

Level2 Music Productions (Audio Production - ADR) on "Gregueira" Film Edit, Mix, Bounce Stems w/ SMPTE Positions for PT Mix at a Post Facility.  IMDB Link

Level2 Music Productions (Audio Production & Additional Music Composition) on HAVANA 57 Canadian Release on Dec. 16, 2014. Platforms include Shaw, MTS, SaskTel, iTunes, Google Play, Sony & Xbox. IMDB Link

Level2 Music Productions

WestWorld  Music Scoring Competition 2020 | SpitFire Audio | HBO | Deryck Roche.


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