Chicken & Waffles Band Testimonials

"We bring the best LIVE Music performance to all your events ..... Come see one of our shows!".

Client Testimonial from Carolyn & Blakes Wedding -  CWB Performed at The Big Win Island Resort & Golf Club - Baysville, Ont.

You guys were the best!!! Such a fun night!!.

Carolyn & Blake Saunders

Hi Deryck 


It was a pleasure to have you and your contagious sound in the house. Great feedback all round.


We will be in touch for future events. Thank you and well done to all band members and signer.


Cheers and have a lovely weekend


The Spoke Club Team

Client Testimonial from Sarena & Davids Wedding -  CWB Performed at The One King West Hotel - Toronto, Ont.


Thank you Deryck and the Chicken & Waffles crew!!! You guys are awesome! So happy I found you 6 years ago at Joe Mamas playing your hearts out and rocking the dance floor!

Thank You!.

Sarena Ally

Client Testimonial from Kelly & Adnaan's Wedding -  CWB Performed at The Guild Inn Estates - Toronto, Ont.




We loved every second of your performance! The DJ was amazing. We are so happy. We wanted a great party and you made it happen. 


We will see you again at one of your future shows! 


Thank you,

Kelly & Adnaan 

Client Testimonial from Amy & Lukas's Wedding -  CWB Performed at Camp Muskoka - Muskoka, Ont.


Deryck & Chicken & Waffles Band. We feel so lucky to have had you sing and play at our wedding. It was an incredible show and our guest are still Talking about your awesome sound.

Thank You,

Amy & Lukas

Client Testimonial from Blue Sun Corp. Christmas Party -  CWB Performed at The Harbour Banquet Centre - Oakville.

Hi Deryck,

Thank you SO very, very much for Friday night!  You guys are AMAZING!!!

Everyone had a great time and can’t stop raving about the band. I so very much appreciate you playing our annual Christmas party.

The Blue Sun Team.

Client Testimonial from Serena Anthonys 40th Birthday Party -  CWB Performed at Sassafraz In Yorkville Toronto


Hi Deryck,


Sorry I didn't get a chance to say good bye and tell you how incredible you guys were.  Between the band and the DJ the music was just outstanding and exactly what we're had hoped for. My sister had a great time!.


You guys are a fav amongst our friends, so I just know we'll see you again soon. 


Take care,


Client Testimonial from Leslea & Glen's Wedding -  CWB Performed at The Spice Factory

Fantastic band. You guys made our night!.



Hi Deryck

We just wanted to thank you and your band for making our wedding the party of the year for us and our friends. Every guest at some point told us how much they loved the band.


We already loved you guys before that!. Thanks again looking forward to catching some shows at the Bier Market.


Have a great day!

Leslea & Glen Blacha

Client Testimonial from Fahrin & Aly's Wedding -  CWB Performed at The Arlington Estates


Thank you Deryck! You guys did a great job and the crowd loved it. We're looking forward to working with you in the future!.




Client Testimonial from Monica Stinchcombe - CWB Performed at The Soho House (Private Venue) in Toronto - Surprise Birthday Party for Husband Jeff Stinchcombe

Thank you so much Deryck, you guys made the night, it was the best present I could have given him. You kept the crowd jumping and wowed all the musicians in the room. Great tech support from Nick and JR who  stayed on top of everything. Super hands on, so grateful to you all. (Glad you liked the food!)



Client Testimonial from Heather & Emerson’s Wedding - CWB Performed at Bellvue Manor Venue

Without any question, the BEST band in Toronto. Hired Chicken and Waffles to play for our wedding. They did not disappoint. Everyone had a blast listening and dancing to you guys groove out. They carried the party. Many people were wondering who these guys were and where we found them. Not only are they amazing musicians, but amazing people as well. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to you, and working with you. Deryck was with us every step of the way for planning as well, and the rest of the band members were approachable and helpful. They were fun and easy going, and most of all they played some amazing music exceptionally well! We look forward to continuing our friendship with these guys. Amazing band!

Heather & Emerson

Thank you!!

Client Testimonial from Hilary & Bill Davis - CWB Performed at The Piano Piano Restaurant in Toronto - Wedding

Hi Deryck

Bill and I wanted to touch base with you and say thank you for playing an absolutely mind blowing show for our friends and family last weekend.  I cannot tell you how many people were raving to us about how talented you all are! Please pass this along to your crew...

You were so calm and helpful when I first arrived to PIANO PIANO and you guided us through all the steps and options for our cocktail and dinner music (which was all perfect by the way!).

Thank you for dealing with our stage and all of our requests along the way.

I cant wait to have another party one day and hire you to play for us!  I will be telling everyone I know about you guys...guaranteed.

All the best to you Deryck and all of your fabulous bandmates.  Please send us city show dates as they arise, I would love to see you play again soon,

Best regards,

Hilary and Bill.


Client Testimonial from Heather & Dimitri - CWB Performed at Omni King Edward Hotel in Toronto - Wedding


Thank you for your kind note! It was a pleasure working with you and your band too!. I could notice how much people were enjoying your performance. Also thank you for accommodating a last minute request with the grand entrance introduction, we appreciate it!.

Client Testimonial from Diana & Roberto - CWB Performed at The Eglington Grand Toronto - Wedding

Hi Deryck,
You boys lit it up last night - Diana and I had a fantastic time, absolutely the best day of our lives!
The "phenomenal band" was all that anyone was talking about today.  Thank you to you and the entire CW crew for an unforgettable evening of classic tunes and great times.
Talk soon,

Client Testimonial from  Melonie -  Associaton Concepts Corporate Christmas Paerty - CWB Performed at The Four Seasons Hotel

The pleasure is all mine.  You guys were FANTASTIC!  Thank you.


I look forward to working with you and your team again.





Client Testimonial from  Jasmine & Jonathan Vadaketh Wedding - CWB Performed at Payal Baquet Hall

Hi Deryck,

You guys were unreal ...... I'm sure you'll be getting a few calls from friends from our wedding. Thanks once again!.

Jasmine & Jonathan Vadaketh

Client Testimonial from Crystal Dickson -  CWB Performed at SYSCO Corp. 

What a treat it was to have Chicken & Waffles headlining our Corp Party! Everyone loved you guys!! The guys were so professional and talented. Can't wait to have C&W at our next event!!


Client Testimonial from The Red Carpet Gala Event -  CWB Performed at Cadence Dance Academy


WOOOWWW!!! I'm speechless ... You guys single-handedly SHUT THE PLACE DOWN. With that said we'd like to thank you and the entire Chicken & Waffles Band for totally representing at the 2nd Annual Red Carpet Gala. Its been more than 2 weeks and people still can't stop talking about you guys.

The aubience that you create when your doing your thing is AMAZING and UNMATCHED. Your presence definitely puts the event on another level.

Omar, you not only had the ladies in a trance but some guys too : ) It was quite the sight to see.

Once again we truely appreciate your participation in the event and look forward to working with you guys again next year.


Andrea, Christine, Patrick, & Clifton

Cadence Dance Academy


Client Testimonial from Wedding Jesse & Victoria - CWB Performed at The CARLU

To Deryck,

Our friend loved you guys too. I think there is big potential there LOL.

Seriously though - you guys killed it!!

Please pass along our appreciation to the entire group.

Perfect music on a perfect night!!!!!.

Sent from my iPhone


Client Testimonial from a Wedding for Allison & Kwame - CWB Performed at The Grand Luxe

Good Morning  Deryck,

Thanks for the kind words! We are back from the Spice Island - Grenada - relaxed and thankful that we had such a great and Blessed day on May 10th.  The band was amazing as per the usual and we were both so happy with the music.  Please tell Omar that I was ok with sharing the dance floor with him for Too Real by Kerwin Dubois - although his eyes were closed while dancing so not sure he even saw me :)

Mr. and Mrs. Whyte!!!


Client Testimonial from a Corporate Party for BBDO  - CWB Performed at C-Lounge

Hi Deryck,

You and your band... my gosh... Amazing! By far the BEST part of everyone's night - hands down!

And on top of that we really appreciated your willingness to be accommodating re: performance times, set up locations, sound issues... You were an absolute dream to work with in addition to your amazing performances!

We're hoping we can make you guys a regular at our parties ;)

Thanks again for the amazing performances!


Hi Deryck,

You guys were AMAZING. I look forward to working with you guys again soon. A LOT of people asked me about you guys, so I suspect you’ll get some new business



Client Testimonial from Wedding -  CWB Performed at The Berkley Church

Hello Deryck,

Honestly – you guys made the evening. Everyone, EVERYONE, came up to me to comment on how great you guys were. The music was perfect, you guys sounded amazing and every song made me want to get up and start dancing. And we did!

The house set, the reggae, even the top 40 stuff that I usually don’t like just worked perfectly. You guys were amazing. Thank you for making it such a great night.

I hope you guys got a chance to eat and enjoy yourselves. Will be recommending you to anyone I know getting married.

Keep playing together…you’re too good not to.



Client Testimonial from Charmaine & Reid's 10th Anniversary Party - CWB Performed at Quince

Bistro Toronto

Hi there,


Our night was amazing, you guys were perfect. All my friends loved you guys especially Omar and his great set of lungs. I'm so happy we were able to get you on our special night. I wish you guys nothing but the best and I'll definitely keep you in mind for our next event.

Charmaine & Reid

Thank you, thank you!

Client Testimonial from Gina & Bill Siomos -  CWB Performed at a Wedding at Graydon Hall Toronto

To Deryck From, Gina an Bill Siomos

You guys were off the hook!


Dec. 13th, 9:04 AM (52 minutes ago)

Client Testimonial from Wedding  for Marc and Amanda - CWB Performed at The Thompson Hotel

Hi Deryck,

Thanks for the kind words. You and the band did an amazing job! You guys knocked it out of the park! Please pass on our thanks to everyone in the band for helping to create the day of our dreams.

You guys were awesome!. Look forward to seeing you guys again at the Ballroom or wherever else you're playing in the city.

Thanks again,

Marc and Amanda
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Client Testimonial from a Wedding for Julie and Dan Steinberg - CWB Performed at The Four Seasons

Hi Deryck,

Thank you so much for your kind words.  We are so happy that you played at our wedding.  You did a phenomenal job and everyone has been raving about it!  Plus, you did inspire our late night menu :-)  

Everyone was very happy with the fact that it was a little quieter when people were eating and could talk to one another during dinner.  But then, you brought the heat!  We really appreciate the energy and excitement you brought to our wedding and believe that your love of music really shows.

Julie and Dan


Client Testimonial from a Birthday Party for Malla - CWB Performed at Tappo Restaurant & Wine Bar

Hi Deryk,

Everyone said that it was the best night out they had in years and it was because of the band!. Thank you so much. Will be in touch for event during holidays.

Thanks You


Client Testimonial from a Wedding for Danny & Christina Avilla - CWB Performed at Langdon Hall

Thank YOU Deryck!

We just got back from our honeymoon, and our family and friends are still buzzing about about our wedding and about the Chicken & Waffles band.

Our love for the band was genuine, and we also look forward to partying with you again SOON.I will be sure to pass along your thank you to Kate and the Langdon Hall staff.Please pass along our big thank you to Omar, Joel, and DJ Sean Saks!
Talk soon.

Kind regards,
Danilo & Christina Avilla


Client Testimonial from Wedding for Jessica & Jammal -   CWB Performed at The Paramount Event Centre

Jessica & Jammal
Hi Deryck,
Thank you for being a part of our special night.  And thanks for the kind words and wishes.  The event turned out exactly how we planned and wanted.
Talk soon,


Client Testimonial from a Birthday Party for Dallia - CWB Performed at The Sky Club

Wendy Petterson

Hey Deryck!

Thank You Deryck!  We all had a blast and you guys were jammin'! LOVED it all night long.  I especially liked the Lionel Richie song to start off the night!!.



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